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2017 board exam schedule for 1st to 6th semester.
2017 board exam schedule for 1st to 6th semester.

Office of the Controller of Examinations
Semester End Examination Schedule (Spring Semester-2017)
Date Programs
Course Tiyle Semester
22-Nov-17 Financial Accounting I I
3-Dec-17 Principle of Management I
5-Dec-17 Business Mathematics I I
7-Dec-17 Computer and IT Application I
10-Dec-17 English I I
14-Nov-17 Business Mathematics II II
17-Nov-17 English II II
20-Nov-17 Financial Accounting II II
24-Nov-17 Introductory Microeconomics II
27-Nov-17 General Psychplogy II
23-Nov-17 Essentials of Finance III
29-Nov-17 Introductory Macroeconomics III
30-Nov-17 Business Communication I III
6-Dec-17 Business Statistics III
11-Dec-17 Fundamentals O Sociology III
15-Nov-17 Data Analysis and Modeling IV
18-Nov-17 Business Communication II IV
25-Nov-17 Financial Management IV
28-Nov-17 Principle Of Marketing IV
2-Dec-17 Fundamentals of Organisational Behaviour IV
26-Nov-17 Basics of Managerial Accounting V
1-Dec-17 Business Research Management V
4-Dec-17 Fundamentals od Operations Management V
9-Dec-17 Management of Human Resources V
16-Nov-17 Business and Society VI
19-Nov-17 Legel Aspects of Business and Technology VI
21-Nov-17 Introduction to Management Information System VI
1) All the Examination Starts Feom 12.00 noon. The duration of Examinations