Atharva Business College ,Affiliated to Pokhara University was established in 2013 A.D.It was Founded by the eminent academicians having rich educational experience.The ream of Atharva is totally focused ,committed and result oriented.Atharva has a distinct teaching methodology in the city to cater the best services to the aspiring students. College has drawn its name after a beda , Atharva Beda , one of the four Bedas. Atharva Beda is an invaluable source of psychological thoughts, ideal sociological context and science of all knowledge. Atharva Business College is running the BBA program. The college aims to provide an excellent learning environment to its students and groom them as the social leaders, entrepreneurs and advanced level manager to meet the growing demand of various government and non- government organizations and to lead business management sectors.

 Here, each student receives the very best education and the diverse opportunites to acquire the skills and strength of character to learn, lead and serve the community in the 21st century, with a direct and active involvement of a team of veteran academicians, scholars, and the leaders of the local reputed business and corporate house, Atharva has been emerging to foster the young learners’ potentialities and transform them in to disciplined , enlightened, and efficient leaders of the business world. Our motto is education for excellence and this directly applies to the entire assets of the college.

Anyone can feel the excellence in the various aspects of our college including the academic as well as infrastructural environment. We believe that every individual has specific potentiality and is capable of contributing through his/her area of knowledge towards building positive social, economical and cultural scenario in the nation.